Specialised Risk Management Inspection

SIRM is a unique service extended to our clients enabling cargo monitoring from Load Port to disport. It ensures cargoes are protected throughout the supply chain. The service include Consultancy, Technical Support, Loading Superintendence and Inspection services. Our Inspectors are present throughout cargo handling operations and ensure correct procedures are adopted to prevent consignments from contamination or damage.

Real time updates on what’s happening on the ground is communicated and a detailed report produced and shared as soon as the work is completed for final settlement

Commodities Inspection

Independent Inspection minimize the risks of defective products and protecting client’s interest by ensuring cargo meets contractual specifications and industry standards. Our cargo superintendence gives you the assurance that’s someone’s onsite to represent and protect your interest. However complex your requirement is, Rockledge has the resources and capability to assist you.

Our experienced inspectors are fully conversant with internationally accepted Inspection procedures as stipulated by FOSFA & GAFTA. Our services cover a wide range of commodities ranging from agricultural products, cereals, fertilizers, edible oil, steel & metal, chemicals and petroleum Products among other. Other services provided by Rockledge includes;

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Storage and Stowage Inspection
  • Container Stuffing
  • Steel Inspection
  • Project Cargo Inspection
  • Isotanks and Flexibags loading and Unloading supervision
  • Draft Surveys and Tallying services
  • Damage Cargo Inspection
  • Periodic Stocks position Inventory and Volumetric Surveys
  • .

    Draft surveys

    Rockledge draft surveys scientifically determines by accurate measurements of the vessel’s displacement before and after loading or discharging. Accuracy is paramount in our surveys and so is time.

    Condition Surveys

    Rockledge condition surveys provides you with a documented proof of the actual condition of the vessel before or during the coverage validity. They are normally requested by vessel owners and charterers.

    On/Off Hire Surveys

    On/Off hire surveys are carried out with the purpose of surveying and recording the current condition of the vessel. Our surveyors inspect all compartments, accessible parts and the certificates.

    Bunker Surveys

    Rockledge bunkering surveys are carried out to measure and ascertain independently the quantity of bunker a vessel has at bunkering stops to prove independently the amount of fuel supplied.