Loading Superintendence

Loading supervision is a vital risk mitigation measure that helps remove avoidable losses. Our Agricultural Services provides insights for managing risks with the transparency and traceability needed to thrive in a competitively global business environment, safeguard your interests on the ground and effectively monitor your commodities. Our multi-site operations guarantees commodities safety by closely monitoring throughout supply chain. The objectives of loading supervision is to verify during un/loading that the correct material/grade/product is handled safely. Our company specialists will provide you with the assurance that the quality and safety requirements are met and that goods are handled correctly and safely to the customers.

Warehouse inspection

Our warehouse surveys provides vital information about the warehouse intended to be used for SMA/CMA arrangement. From Warehouse Structural Integrity, security, operational capability or distance to transport routes, Our surveys gives detailed information to help our clients make informed decisions, give them the assurance that the warehouse is able to meet their needs. Rockledge range of inspection services ensures the integrity of your cargo at every stage of the supply chain. We inspect storage facilities thoroughly, perform cleanliness inspections in a bid to ensuring that storage units are free from odor, moisture, foreign matters, previous cargo residues or pest infestation. Our independent surveys provides documentation for possible damage investigations. Warehouse loading/unloading supervision services have been developed in response to increasingly demanding markets, reducing possible mishandling of commodities thus costly claims.

Additional services

Additional Services; Prior to vessel discharge and to ensure goods under CMA/SMA duly arrived on a clean receipt. We aim to ensure products are loaded/received correctly in the warehouse, Other additional services include:

  • Loading supervision
  • Draft Surveys, break bulk and discharge supervision
  • Traceability of products – including verification of production codes, plant numbers and stock numbers against a packing list or invoice
  • Photographs of packing and loading/unloading processes, along with documentation of any damage observed during loading/unloading
  • Monitoring the goods from disport to warehouse
  • Quantity verification/weighing and commodities receipt into a warehouse