Cargo Treatment Services

Today’s ever increasingly dynamic trading environment demands a quick and flexible approach to meeting contractual obligations safely. Rockledge understands quickly how fuel traders align themselves to this change. As the world is moving towards cleaner and high performance fuels, cargo additivation is becoming more critical. Fuel treatment is required to mitigate the logistical challenges affecting distribution chain. Our company technicians have the technical know how and will provide guidance for effective and professional cargo treatments solutions.

At Rockledge CTS, we will continue to drive change and innovation in order to help you resolve product quality challenges by providing tailor made services.Our dedicated and well trained technicians are able to cater all your additivation needs including mobilization of the dosing eqipments, setup, manning the operations, clean up and demobilization either at the Storage terminal, ships and even pipelines. Some of the benefits include;

  • Tailored solutions for optimum results
  • 24/7 full service, available all year round
  • Cost effective additive dosing backed by our flexibility and quick response
  • Our Cargo treatment technicians and mobile injection equipment are onstandby ready to handle any of your additive needs, be it at the dock, anchorage and even at shore based terminals. Interested in our services, send a request to Rockledge Operations and we will gladly revert at the earliest. Cargo Treatment Services Brochure

    Marine Hose Inspection

    Our Marine hose testing and inspections services are performed in accordance with OCIMF “Specification Guidance for Dock Hoses Aug 2006” and Manufacturers recommendation. Leaking hose can be very costly due to unforeseen outages. Our services virtually eliminates unpleasant surprises and allow clients to manage their operations well. To determine the integrity of the casing from leakage and out of specification elongation, hydrostatic testing is performed up to the hose desired pressure rating. Other tests performed include;

  • Vacuum testing and Electrical Continuity
  • Bend tests
  • Pressure tests