Our approach

We believe Trade Financing Institutions need to embrace a holistic approach to an effective Collateral Management Agreements/Stocks Monitoring Agreements, Rockledge East Africa has identified three key components highlighted below; Scope Definition, Intervention, Transparent reporting. We act as the independent and trusted third party to provide the necessary comfort and service levels for commodity owners to pledge their goods.

(a) Scope definition

The Scope and the Framework of the Inspection work as defined by the client is agreed upon by Rockledge East Africa. The requirements are considered as the minimum steps to be taken when conducting an independent inspection. To be noted however, and in line with our promise to ensuring clients interests on the ground are protected, we've designed additional functions to be performed in accordance to ASTM/ISO guidelines in order to meet and exceed expectations.

(b) Intervention

Our work instructions forms the basis and guides how the intervention/mission will be performed. These are compatible with the guidelines stipulated in the International Standards and Professional Organizations. Details of the experienced Field Inspectors assigned to perform the tasks are shared.

(c) Transparent reporting

We understand that banks or traders requires frequent reports of the quantity, quality, type, location and value of the commodities in storage, processing, or transport. We do not have to wait for the field report to update our clients, instead our clients are updated regularly by our site supervisors; taking advantage of technology; we are designing a mobile platform application where all the data is updated in real time and can be accessed anytime from your mobile devices.