Stocks Management

Rockledge East Africa Limited is known for carrying out hypothecated and pledged stocks. Our on-site supervisors act for and on behalf of our principles to identify problems early enough and prevent further damage. If stocks variations arise, Rockledge clients are kept abreast with real-time updates, alerting them to situations in order to mitigate and prevent further loss.

We inspect storage facilities thoroughly and advise our clients on the nature of stocks, condition of stocks, method of stacking, approximate value, condition of the warehouse where the stocks are stored, fire fighting equipment, sprinklers, detailed security information and our recommendation of any weaknesses found are highlighted in our reports.

Customized inspection reports

Details of each stocks survey and reports are customized to meet each customer’s individual needs regardless of location and size.

Other services provided by Rockledge includes;

  • Spot checks
  • Intake supervision
  • Container stuffing
  • Stocks receipts and dispatches
  • Inventory management
  • Monthly/annual stocks check
  • Cross docking
  • .