Collateral Management

Working in the East African major ports and Storage facilities, we strive to minimize commercial risk by quickly and accurately determining the physical properties of materials. The objective of our ser-vice is to ensure the collateralized commodity is physically available and of the desired quality and, in turn, significantly lowers risk levels associated to handling and storage. When the financing party needs additional certainty regarding the financed goods, Rockledge East Africa team will determine their status and quantity at the agreed time and location. This ensures that damage, loss or alienation of goods are identified as quickly as possible and remedial actions including insurance claims are tak-en promptly, sensibly reducing the financing party’s operation risks.

Stocks Monitoring Agreements

Rockledge Stocks Monitoring allows traceability of the goods along the supply chain, the stored commodities are usually pledged to the banks and serve as Collateral. Our staff on the ground possess in-depth experience and knowledge of the local environment thus are able to provide continuous monitoring services, and or periodic spot inspection services to witness the movement and condition of the commodities. In case of damage or misapplication of the commodities, the parties concerned are notified to take prompt remedial action.