Project cargo

These are cargoes or equipments that are large, heavy and/or oversized/out of gauge, requires specialized stowage, lifting, handling. It consist of high value or critical items and typically consists of a quantity of goods connected to the same project, which may be loaded from different ports. Handling them is a bit complex and challenging, our Inspectors are always available to assist in planning for loading and loading. We evaluate the operational risks and assess the feasibility of working practices by performing technical reviews and on-site inspections. We supervise handling, transportation and unloading operations of critical equipments. We have highly experienced surveyors who co-ordinates with Freight Forwarders to ensuring safe and sound delivery of your cargo. We cover even the remotes part of East Africa.

Extra precautions being considered include;
  • Voyage instructions
  • Details of the cargo and the vessels; including the strength and stability
  • Loading procedures, including any heavy lifts and if necessary, any transportation to warehouse
  • Stowage requirements
  • Lashing and securing requirements, including details of all lashing, securing and lifting gear
  • Voyage plan, including contingency procedures and ports of refuge
  • Discharge procedures and supervision
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