Metals and ores

Given the high value of metals, steel piles and ores, it is imperative that care is taken and abnormality reported during offloading. Our inspectors are familiar with handling mineral and ores and provide specialist services to protect our clients against damage claims. Rockledge East Africa surveyors boards the vessel at the disport in order to ascertain the quality of the cargo. The value of steel in particular is reduced by the effects of corrosion and mechanical damage.

Common causes of damage are rust due to sea water, rain exposure, cargo sweat or condensation inside packaging, unsuitable means of transport, vessels with poor hatch covers or without ventilation, damaged containers and exposure to wet weather conditions. Damages caused by salt water are quite common at discharge, our intervention is thus necessary during offloading exercise. Some of the minerals that we handle include fluorspar, titanium, coal, steel etc.

Other services offered for metals and ores include;
  • Silver nitrate testing-AgNO3
  • Weighing/Tallying inspection
  • Visual inspection
  • Photographic evidence
  • Laboratory testing and analyses