Bunker survey

We are well aware that bunkers are the largest contributor to the operational cost of a ship when chartered especially with today's soaring bunker fuel prices. We are also cognizant of the fact that the actual transfer of bunkers might be happening miles away from your nominating office. When choosing a bunker surveyor, it is therefore imperative to choose from a pool of experienced and competent bunker surveyors. Surveyors who are capable of establishing the correct quantity of the fuel that remains on-board the vessel when one charters or returns a vessel to avoid later claims. Surveyors who will perform thorough bunker surveys for all fuel tanks, lube oil tanks and sludge tanks for clients globally. Surveyors who will represent your interests on the ground whilst offering Impartial and Independent quantity measurements. Rockledge Bunker Surveyors share same ideals, and aspire to build a platform where we will be able to assist an extensive portfolio of like-minded clients. We are at your service…


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